Gregg Masuak

Gregg's favourite style is visual/narrative and going by his body of work and experience, one has a chance of gaining more than just the film by the end of it all.

Canadian-born, Australian-raised, British resident and lover of most things American, Masuak brings over 25 years of intensive, international experience as a Director to Joshua Tree. He has created award-winning short films and music videos, ambitious commercials and compelling theatre. He has made films for Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi, WCRS, Mother & BBH and for them built brands like Barclays bank, NEC, Olay, Thomsons Holidays, Easy Jet and Nectar Card.

His work has given him a chance to collaborate with musical icons like Joe Cocker, Spice Girls, Take That, Kylie and Celine; and stars like Courtney Cox, SalmaHayek and Penelope Cruz.

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